The Peoria Mustangs Junior Hockey Club is committed to being the leading Junior A Tier III Hockey team in the US as measured by its ability to develop junior age hockey players, both on-ice and off-ice, to advance and optimize their skills and abilities.


Mustangs Announce 2020 Training Camp Information
The Peoria Mustangs are excited to announce the training camp dates for the 2020-21 season. Training camp will be held at the Mustang [...]
Mustangs Announce 2020 NA3HL Draft Class
On April 23, 2020, the Peoria Mustangs participated in the annual NA3HL draft. The Mustangs are excited to announce the draft picks f [...]
3 Mustangs Sign College Commitments
The Peoria Mustangs are proud to announce that three Mustang players have signed a college commitment to play at Midland University. Goa [...]
Team Statement Regarding Cancelation of 2020 Fraser Cup Playoffs
The Peoria Mustangs have issued a statement regarding the cancelation of the 2020 NA3HL Fraser Cup Playoffs in response to the COVID-19 [...]


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